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Webinars May 29 2024

Ask Me Anything: Exploring Assumed Breach Strategies for Cyber Resilience

As organizations face increasingly unique cyber threats, the assumption that breaches will occur is becoming a foundational principle of building a more…

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Podcasts May 24 2024

Security Noise - Episode 6.21

JS-Tap Mk II: A Powerful Tool for Web Application Monitoring and Attack

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Blog May 23 2024

Assumed Breach: The Evolution of Offensive Security Testing

The goal of this post is singular: inform you (innocent reader, client, or competitor) about how we at TrustedSec are attempting to meet specific industry…

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Blog May 16 2024

JS-Tap Mark II: Now with C2 Shenanigans

JS-Tap is a tool intended to help red teams attack web applications. I recently blogged about the data collection capabilities in JS-Tap version 1.0, and data…

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Blog May 14 2024

Introducing Meta-Detector

In this blog post, I’m going to discuss a new Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) tool I created to assist with collecting information about target organizations…

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Podcasts May 10 2024

Security Noise - Episode 6.20

Targets Operations, Co-Pwnership

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Blog May 09 2024

Most Reported Web Findings of 2023

I reviewed the findings from the application and API assessments that the TrustedSec Software Security Team conducted during 2023 to see what issues we were…

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Webinars May 08 2024

Preparing for NIST CSF 2.0: Practical Tips for Implementation

TrustedSec’s Senior Security Consultant Jared McWherter and Advisory Solutions Director Alex Hamerstone provide actionable advice for aligning your…

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Blog May 02 2024

XZ Utils Made Me Paranoid

On March 28, 2024, the news about the XZ Utils backdoor came out. Since then, I’ve been thinking about how we could identify these backdoors before packages…

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Blog April 30 2024

The Midnight Alert: Navigating the Dark Web Data Dilemma

In the dead of night, an ominous message hits your inbox: "Your company's sensitive data is for sale on the dark web." As the Chief Information Security…

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