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Webinars July 24 2024

Ask Me Anything: Remediation

Join the TrustedSec Remediation Team as they discuss how to prioritize and identify deficiencies in your cloud platform and examine best practices to harden…

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Webinars July 17 2024

Effective Security Logging: What and How to Monitor for Security Issues

In today's digital landscape, understanding what to log and how to effectively monitor these logs is crucial for maintaining robust security defenses. Often,…

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Blog July 11 2024

dirDevil: Hiding Code and Content Within Folder Structures

Welcome back to another round of "Hiding in Plain Sight," exploring weird places to stash data or payloads. In our last edition, we explored an easy method of…

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Blog July 09 2024

HackingDave’s Rule of Five

Buckle up! This is a different type of blog that isn’t our normally scheduled technical prowess or superhuman talents we have here at TrustedSec. Each month, I…

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Blog July 02 2024

The Dangers of Transition Mode

With the introduction of WPA3, it is becoming increasingly difficult to successfully exploit a wireless network. One of the main enhancements introduced in…

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Podcasts June 28 2024

Security Noise - Episode 6.23

InfoSec Leaders of the Future

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Blog June 25 2024

Playing Games with PCI Compliance Deadlines

The new version 4.0 of the PCI DSS standard that applies to organizations that handle payment cards is now mandatory as of April 01, 2024. As a QSA, I’ve heard…

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Blog June 20 2024

Let’s Clone a Cloner...To Meet My Needs

It was my second Physical Penetration Test here at TrustedSec and I was paired with colleague Paul Burkeland. After arriving at the hotel, Paul stated that he…

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Webinars June 19 2024

Ask Me Anything: Software Security

While many are confident in the security of their software, absolute protection is never guaranteed. Attackers' toolkits are growing, and those who don't keep…

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Blog June 18 2024

Tips and Tricks on Creating Your First Conference Talk

Have you ever attended a security conference (or any conference for that matter) and thought about giving a presentation yourself, but don't know where to…

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