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Webinars December 13 2023

Guarding Your Inbox: Navigating Business Email Compromises

Join our experts as they dive into the world of Business Email Compromises (BECs) to equip you with the knowledge to fortify your organization's inboxes.

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Webinars November 29 2023

Transformative Detection Engineering with Impede

Join the excitement as Ben Mauch, Managing Director of Tactical Awareness and Countermeasures (TAC), leads the way in celebrating launch of Impede with a live…

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Blog November 28 2023

What is Hackvertor (and why should I care)?

1.1      What’s Hackvertor and why should I care?Years ago, Gareth Heyes created a Burp Suite (Burp) extension called Hackvertor. It’s an extension with a lot…

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Blog November 16 2023

Clickjacking: Not Just for the Clicks

tl;dr versionYou can trick users into "typing" inputs in a clickjacking attack.YouTube demo: GitHub Repo:…

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Blog November 14 2023

Book Review - The Definitive Guide to PCI DSS Version 4

As a PCI QSA, I have answered numerous questions about the new PC DSS Version 4. With over 500 total controls, and at least 100 of them unique to this version,…

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Podcasts November 10 2023

Security Noise - Episode 6.11

The Road Ahead: Red Teaming and Targeted Ops

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Blog November 07 2023

The Triforce of Initial Access

LootWhile Red Teamers love to discuss and almost poetically describe their C2 feature sets, EDR evasion capabilities, and fast weaponizing of N-day exploits,…

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Blog November 02 2023

JS-Tap: Weaponizing JavaScript for Red Teams

How do you use malicious JavaScript to attack an application you know nothing about?Application penetration testers often create custom weaponized JavaScript…

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Webinars November 01 2023

JS-Tap: Weaponizing JavaScript for Red Teamers

During this webinar, Senior Security Consultant, Drew Kirkpatrick will introduce a new open source tool, JS-Tap, that is designed to allow Red Teamers to…

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Podcasts October 27 2023

Security Noise - Episode 6.10

The Road Ahead: Network Penetration Testing

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