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Webinars June 19 2024

Ask Me Anything: Software Security

While many are confident in the security of their software, absolute protection is never guaranteed. Attackers' toolkits are growing, and those who don't keep…

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Blog June 18 2024

Tips and Tricks on Creating Your First Conference Talk

Have you ever attended a security conference (or any conference for that matter) and thought about giving a presentation yourself, but don't know where to…

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Blog June 11 2024

Hands On with Chip Off Non-Volatile Memory

1.1 Introduction - Why We're HereWelcome to a deep dive into desoldering Non-Volatile storage chips! At the time of publishing, this is a recreation of my own…

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Podcasts June 07 2024

Security Noise - Episode 6.22

VPNs: Can You Keep a Secret?

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Blog June 06 2024

Everything You Need to Know About jQuery and its Vulnerabilities

IntroductionJavaScript is used in some way on almost all modern web applications. There are several popular libraries that websites utilize, and each come with…

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Blog June 04 2024

Introducing The Shelf

As an independent security consulting firm, we develop many custom capabilities over time. What happens when we decide that a capability no longer suits our…

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Blog May 30 2024

Missing: Data Classification

Picked Last AgainData Classification is generally missing from many Information Security programs, unfortunately. The growth and maturity of most security…

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Webinars May 29 2024

Ask Me Anything: Exploring Assumed Breach Strategies for Cyber Resilience

As organizations face increasingly unique cyber threats, the assumption that breaches will occur is becoming a foundational principle of building a more…

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Podcasts May 24 2024

Security Noise - Episode 6.21

JS-Tap Mk II: A Powerful Tool for Web Application Monitoring and Attack

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Blog May 23 2024

Assumed Breach: The Evolution of Offensive Security Testing

The goal of this post is singular: inform you (innocent reader, client, or competitor) about how we at TrustedSec are attempting to meet specific industry…

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