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ATT&CK Assessments

Evaluate your environment from an adversary’s perspective with attack path reviews.

Visualize your defensive capabilities

TrustedSec utilizes an intelligence-driven, threat-focused approach to study intrusions from an adversary’s perspective.

TrustedSec evaluates the defensive controls, processes, tool-specific talent, and appropriate resources in alignment with a common enterprise adversary model—the MITRE Adversarial Tactics, Techniques, and Common Knowledge (ATT&CK™) framework.

The ATT&CK framework is a model for describing the actions an adversary may take while operating within an enterprise network, in addition to being an active repository of known threat actors and associated targets and techniques. Reviewing tools, talent levels, and resource constraints, in reference to known attack techniques, provides a greater awareness of what actions may be seen during a network intrusion and/or breach of business-critical data. The result is resiliency, which is the defender’s primary goal when faced with persistent and continually evolving adversaries.

TrustedSec’s unique approach assists in establishing how well an organization’s current arsenal of security capabilities should be able to detect known attack techniques, reducing the likelihood of an adversarial breach.

Webinar – A More Efficient Attack Path Effectiveness Assessment

Learn the story behind our latest automated consulting tool in this webinar led by Director of Advisory Innovations Rockie Brockway.

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