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Align with ISO & IEC best practices. From scoping to reviewing, TrustedSec can help you at any stage of your ISO program implementation.

Establish and Evolve your ISO Program

ISO/IEC Standards are globally recognized best practices that help companies design, implement, and operate InfoSec management systems.

ISO 27001 contains a set of requirements that organizations must follow to define their own scope, select the security controls they need, and monitor and improve the security program over time.

This core set of processes within ISO 27001 is called the Information Security Management System (ISMS).

Only the controls that the organization deems necessary via this ISMS process are assessed, so organizations do not need to implement every single control in ISO 27001.

The ISMS clauses are the core of ISO 27001 and contain requirements for the management of the InfoSec program rather than technical controls.

Examples of required processes in the ISMS clauses include:

- Determining the issues facing the organization

- Conducting a risk assessment

- Having document management processes

- Retaining change control processes

- Measuring security performance

With certified ISO/IEC Lead Implementers and ISO/IEC Lead Auditors, TrustedSec can help ensure that your ISO program is effectively designed, appropriately implemented, and achieves your objectives.

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