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Security Noise - Episode 6.12

Yule Time Tool Time

By Geoff Walton, Skyler Tuter, Drew Kirkpatrick, Luke Bremer and Ben Mauch
December 08, 2023
Penetration Testing Threat Hunting

Yule Time Tool Time

In this very special year-end episode, we're cranking up the heat as we explore some of our favorite InfoSec tools of 2023.

Guest Lineup:

Drew Kirkpatrick - JS-Tap Unleashed

Drew Kirkpatrick is the maestro behind "JS-Tap." He dropped this pentesting bombshell at Wild West Hackin' Fest this year with his talk, "JS-Tap: Weaponizing JavaScript for Red Teams." Skyler snagged an exclusive interview with Drew at the conference and we'll get to hear that discussion on this episode.

Luke Bremer - Hackvertor

Luke Bremer graces our podcast to dive into his blog, "What is Hackvertor (and why should I care?)." Get ready to dive into the use cases of this Burp Suite plugin and how you can utilize it on your next pentest!

Ben Mauch (Ben Ten) - Unveiling Impede

We end our discussion with Ben Mauch, aka @Ben0xA, as he unveils TrustedSec's latest software offering: Impede. Brace yourself for a deep dive into the features and innovations packed into this cybersecurity marvel.

Gather 'round and settle in for our year-end episode of SECURITY NOISE!

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