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Security Noise - Episode 6.12

Yule Time Tool Time

December 08, 2023
Penetration Testing

Yule Time Tool Time

In this very special year-end episode, we're cranking up the heat as we explore some of our favorite InfoSec tools of 2023.

Guest Lineup:

Drew Kirkpatrick - JS-Tap Unleashed

Drew Kirkpatrick is the maestro behind "JS-Tap." He dropped this pentesting bombshell at Wild West Hackin' Fest this year with his talk, "JS-Tap: Weaponizing JavaScript for Red Teams." Skyler snagged an exclusive interview with Drew at the conference and we'll get to hear that discussion on this episode.

Luke Bremer - Hackvertor

Luke Bremer graces our podcast to dive into his blog, "What is Hackvertor (and why should I care?)." Get ready to dive into the use cases of this Burp Suite plugin and how you can utilize it on your next pentest!

Ben Mauch (Ben Ten) - Unveiling Impede

We end our discussion with Ben Mauch, aka @Ben0xA, as he unveils TrustedSec's latest software offering: Impede. Brace yourself for a deep dive into the features and innovations packed into this cybersecurity marvel.

Gather 'round and settle in for our year-end episode of SECURITY NOISE!

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