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Luke Bremer

Senior Security Consultant

Luke Bremer has 12+ years of Security and IT experience and has worked with and written applications in .NET and .NET Core. Luke specializes in web application development and web application penetration testing to demonstrate basic and advanced tactics that help identify security issues in web applications, web APIs, and connected web services.


  • Bachelor of Science, Computer Science, Davenport University
  • OSWA
  • SEC+

Luke has set up static and dynamic code scanners and written secure coding documentation and remediation guides, published several blogs on various security topics, and reported several zero-days in open source software.

Luke has always had a passion for exploring and securing technology for himself and others. He is part of CTF and bug bounty programs, including TryHackMe, Hack The Box, HackerOne, and has been in the Burp Suite Academy top 50.

Featured Blogs And Resources

Discover the blogs, analysis, webinars, and podcasts by this team member.

Blog November 28 2023

What is Hackvertor (and why should I care)?

What’s Hackvertor and why should I care?Years ago, Gareth Heyes created a Burp Suite (Burp) extension called Hackvertor. It’s an extension with a lot of…

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Blog August 31 2023

Crafting Emails with HTML Injection

Have you ever wanted to send an email from a domain you don’t have SMTP credentials for? With some HTML injection, we may be able to do just that. From time to…

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Blog May 23 2023

JavaScript Essentials for Beginning Pentesters

JavaScript is heavily used in almost all modern web applications. Knowing how to format a .js file, set breakpoints, and alter a script's logic on the fly can…

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Blog May 02 2023

Cross Site Smallish Scripting (XSSS)

Having small XSS payloads or ways to shorten your payloads ensures that even the smallest unencoded output on a site can still lead to account compromise. A…

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Blog October 27 2022

How to Get the Most Out of Your Pentest

TL;DR Define the goal of an assessment.Take time to choose the right assessment type.The more detail you give about an asset, the better quality your report…

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Training Resources May 02 2024

Actionable Purple Team Simulation Online Training (May 2-3)

Learn how to create specific detections to identify early Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) in our online course. Designed for those looking to improve their…

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Events Kennedy Space Center, Florida | April 10 2024

Hack Space Con 2024

Founder and CEO David Kennedy is the keynote speaker at this year's Hack Space Con! We are also proud to sponsor this event.

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Webinars March 06 2024

Ask Me Anything: Securing Defense Contracts Through CMMC Compliance

Join Chris Camejo, Practice Lead, Advisory's Compliance Services, and Rick Yocum, Managing Director of Advisory Services, for an ‘Ask Me Anything’ discussion…

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News March 01 2024

Forbes - How This Professional Hacker Built Two Cybersecurity Firms In His 30s

David Kennedy, the CEO and founder of TrustedSec, joins Rosemarie Miller on "New Money" to discuss his pivot from being in the U.S. marines to becoming a…

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News February 28 2024

WWL First News - A cyberattack has disrupted prescription drug orders around the country

Advisory Solutions Director Alex Hamerstone spoke with WWL New Orleans about the recent cyberattack that disrupted prescription drug orders around the country.

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