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David Boyd

Senior Security Consultant

David is a Security Consultant with 15+ years of experience in the technical industry. He specializes in Network Security and Penetration Testing, Vulnerability Assessments, Wireless Assessments, Physical Security Assessments, Firewall and Router Audits, Social Engineering, Regulatory Compliance, and Network/Systems Engineering. He has worked in various industries including consulting, education, military, retail, government, media, law firms, and hospitals. David started his career as a member of the United States Army and was deployed to Iraq as convoy and convoy security.


  • B.AS in Network Security and Forensics, Fountainhead College of Technology
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
  • QSA
  • C|EH, Security+
  • Network+
  • A+
  • NSTISSI-4011
  • CNSSI-4012
  • CNSSI-4013
  • CNSSI-4014
  • NSTISSI-4015
  • CNSSI-4016


  • East TN ISSA
  • Knoxville InfraGard
  • OWASP Knoxville
  • DC865

David’s passion for security stems from his desire to help others be more secure. David has always had an interest in making technology do what it wasn’t meant to do. His lifelong passion for security sparked after viewing different films such as Sneakers, Hackers, and WarGames at a young age.

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Blog October 18 2022

Dameware Mini: The Sleeper Hit of 2019?

SolarWinds! You hear the name and immediately think “solutions management” or big screens full of more network information than you can shake a stick at.…

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Blog April 28 2022

NFT Crime: From the Simple to the Ingeniously Simple

If you guessed these two things—a 10-kilo bar of gold and this image from the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC)—cost about the same, roughly $600,000, you'd be…

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Blog February 10 2022

Social Engineering Basics: How to Win Friends and Infiltrate Businesses

Technology changes and defenses get better, but some things stay the same—like human gullibility, which can be easily exploited through social engineering.…

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Training Resources May 02 2024

Actionable Purple Team Simulation Online Training (May 2-3)

Learn how to create specific detections to identify early Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) in our online course. Designed for those looking to improve their…

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Events TrustedSec HQ | April 30 2024

ISC2 Cleveland Chapter Member Meeting April 2024

ISC2 Cleveland Chapter April MeetupCome join us for our April Meetup! Our Cleveland Chapter is hosting an exciting in-person event for all cybersecurity…

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Webinars April 17 2024

Enter the Sandbox: Impede Detection Platform v1.1 Release

Join us for our webinar with Director of Product Operations Ben Mauch, where you can get a look at the new Impede Detection Platform updates and the all-new…

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Blog April 16 2024

PCI DSS Vulnerability Management: The Most Misunderstood Requirement – Part 2

Risk RankingThis is part two (2) of a three (3) part series on PCI DSS version 4.0 requirement 6.3.1, for identification and management of vulnerabilities.…

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Events Kennedy Space Center, Florida | April 12 2024

Hack Space Con 2024

Founder and CEO David Kennedy is the keynote speaker at this year's Hack Space Con! We are also proud to sponsor this event.

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Podcasts April 12 2024

Security Noise - Episode 6.18

Careers in InfoSec: Where do you want to go today?

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Blog April 11 2024

PCI DSS Vulnerability Management: The Most Misunderstood Requirement – Part 1

Vulnerability IdentificationPCI DSS version 4.0 requirement 6.3.1, for identification and management of vulnerabilities, and its predecessors in previous…

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