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Our Trusted Brand

Dive into what makes this brand truly epic, from messaging to the logo to our most recognizable team member, Smiley.

Exploring TrustedSec: A Look Inside Our Brand Refresh

When Erin and I first started TrustedSec and opened the doors in 2012, we had no idea the amazing reputation, explosive growth, and brand we would build over the next several years. By adding amazing and top-notch folks and the companies we work with; we continue to innovate, lead, and focus on making the world a safer place. We are no longer a small cybersecurity boutique or start-up; we are one of the largest dedicated cybersecurity consulting firms in the world providing the highest of class of services to our customers and to the community.

Our brand is consistent with our team and culture of amazing folks with the sole mission, focus, and dedication to making the world a safer place.

This year, we saw a chance to give TrustedSec an updated look and feel that matches the incredible reputation our team has built. We also wanted to make sure we are set up for future success and can continue to connect with the community and our clients.

More than a consulting firm, TrustedSec is a network and community where hackers turn their passion into a profession and where businesses aren’t just made safer—they’re made remarkably better.

From day one, TrustedSec has been an unconventional company run by unconventional people. We’ve worked hard to shape ourselves into something we’re proud of. With more than a decade of success behind us, we’ve learned these three things to be true:

1.     Our purpose isn’t a gimmick. It matters.

2.     Fear-fueled security pitches don’t work and should be avoided.

3.     Doing good helps people do well.

This fundamentally different approach to cybersecurity has enabled us to grow – ethically and confidently – into a name trusted by government entities, Fortune 500s, small to medium sized businesses, and hackers alike. We protect all organizations across the world.

During this brand refresh, there was one thing we were sure about: We didn’t want to change the culture or mission of TrustedSec. We’re fiercely protective of the incredible culture we have and the connections we’ve made and continue to expand upon with our community and clients. We made sure to refine our story instead of retelling it.

Learn more below about what makes TrustedSec truly epic and join us in celebration for this exciting new move into our future.

Hack the Planet! 

- David Kennedy, CEO and Founder of TrustedSec


What hasn’t changed

From the start of our brand refresh, we never considered changing our name, discarding our beloved smiley, or redefine what makes TrustedSec epic, our team. But due to our massive growth over the past decade, we thought it was important to update our messaging and overall appearance to match where we are today. From our community, array of services to open-source and ethical-hacker ethos and the frequent publications and speaking engagements. TrustedSec is transforming cybersecurity from a roadblock to an enabler. We’re more than a security consulting firm, we’re a go-to partner in your business success. We always want to be the professional and credible experts you know, but in a down-to-earth way you can relate to and trust.

Our purpose, vision, and mission at TrustedSec:

Our purpose:

To make the world a safer place

It takes purpose and people – not just products and services – to build a safer world. As the only cybersecurity company focused on long-game strategies and client-defined success, TrustedSec doesn’t compete on the table stakes of technology and product value propositions. Our position is built from our purpose: to offer the right culture, approach, and service necessary to make the world a safer place. We believe, above all, that empathy and honesty improve security.

Our vision:

Businesses, communities, and the information security industry will be able to do more of what they love, safely.

Cybersecurity should enable success, not just prevent failure. Most cybersecurity firms use fearmongering to sell their services. This approach leads to ill-fitting fixes and wastes resources. But fear is cheap—Yoda knew it and so do our clients. They want to do more than “not fail.” They want to be appreciated, they want to geek the hell out, and they want bragging rights. They need us to be great at what we do so they can be great at what they do. To break this system, we practice a “no fearmongering” policy. In this way, security isn’t something to be dreaded but celebrated.

Our mission:

Using our expertise, technical skill, and ethical character, our mission is to help our clients secure what’s most important to them.

Doing the right things allows us to do things right. Because we prioritize what’s best for our people, our clients, and the global security community, we’re able to deliver an extraordinary level of service. For one, unlike most firms, we invest in a dedicated research team that interfaces with all our client-facing teams. This is not the norm in our industry because it’s unrelenting work. And while we certainly benefit from our research team’s wisdom, so does the rest of the industry.

Our design updates:

A mark in history

Our new logo

With a new logotype approach, we've made our logo bolder and more easily identifiable across digital platforms, marketing materials and of course, your favorite t-shirts!


A smile you can trust

In a world full of threats, fears, and fakers … Where hope is held hostage by spoofs, spam, and spyware … Only one cracks the code while cracking a smile. Now known as our logomark, Smiley has been set free from our primary logo to be taken creatively where he has never gone before. Prior to starting his new journey, we made sure to transform him into the best version of himself yet!


Expanding our palette

From day one, green has been TrustedSec's primary color. This still stays true today, in fact we've refined our famous green 'Code' and expanded the palette by introducing three new colors. A bright green called 'Gibson', a yellow named 'Cereal', and a vibrant blue called 'Phantom'.

Adding that extra flare

Visual Language Fonts

A new addition to our branding, various visual fonts will engage you across different informative pieces and allow you to connect with the epic culture that is TrustedSec.

We hope you enjoy this exciting new move in TrustedSec history! #HackThePlanet

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