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Paul Koblitz

Managing Director of Technical Services

Paul Koblitz is a Principal Security Consultant for TrustedSec. Paul recently assumed the role of Director of Technical Services for TrustedSec. This job entails managing 40 other employees and all of the technical penetration testing teams. He has expertise in physical and social engineering security has been honed over the years by using every opportunity possible to further develop his craft. It is not uncommon for Paul to be shopping and ask to talk to a store manager about how their security could be better by different camera placements. Paul also has extensive networking experience having worked for several years as a desktop support technician, a NOC operator, a head-end engineer, and a network engineer in the US Navy and for a local cable company.

Associate of Science, Electronic Engineering Technology, The University of Akron

Volunteered at numerous local and national security conferences to include:

  • Black Hat 2013, 2014 and 2015 - Intro to Pentesting
  • Black Hat 2016 - Red Team vs. Blue Team
  • Black Hat 2017 - Red vs. Blue Techniques with Huntteaming
  • Black Hat 2018 - Defense and Offense: Understanding Attackers Through Red Team Tactics
  • Black Hat 2019 - A Practical Approach to Defense and Offense: Understanding Attackers Through Red Team Tactics and Purple Teams
  • DerbyCon 4 and 5- Intro to Pentesting
  • DerbyCon 6 and 7, Red Team vs. Blue Team

Paul has always had a passion for security, focusing on the physical side. While in the US Navy, Paul was a Duty Master-at-Arms and part of the shipboard security team. In Paul’s off time from the military, he held several security-related jobs to include: late night and emergency locksmith, security systems installation consultant, and vehicle/personal property repossession. While working for TrustedSec, Paul has utilized his physical and social engineering skills in several fields of business such as; financial institutions, retail clothing chains, grocery store chains, manufacturing, and education. Paul also was the Head of Physical Security for DerbyCon.

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