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Kevin Clark

Security Consultant

Kevin Clark is a member of the Targeted Operations team and has over five years of experience in penetration testing and offensive security roles. He has performed Red Team and penetration tests for large and small companies alike. Before TrustedSec, Kevin was a software developer focused on creating offensive security tools.


  • Certified Red Team Operator (CRTO)
  • Certified Red Team Lead (CRTL)
  • Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP)
  • Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA)

Kevin is a contributor open-source security tools such as Metasploit and PowerShell Empire. He is also a training instructor at industry recognized conferences such as Black Hat and DefCon.

Kevin maintains Ek47, an environmental keying payload encryptor for usage on Red Team engagements. He also maintains Badrats, a custom Command and Control (C2) tool designed for initial access.

Kevin loves to share his skills and knowledge in the information security community. Outside of work, he is an adjunct teacher at Century College in White Bear Lake, Minnesota. He also hosts and writes blog posts about security-related topics at

Featured Blogs And Resources

Discover the blogs, analysis, webinars, and podcasts by this team member.

Blog January 24 2023

Operator's Guide to the Meterpreter BOFLoader

1.1      Introduction Recently, myself and a few friends decided to port my coworker Kevin Haubris' COFFLoader project to Metasploit. This new BOFLoader…

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Blog January 06 2018

Welcome to 2018! A Meltdown and Spectre Run-Through

Welcome to 2018! It’s only been a few days into the new year and we already have newly named bugs, thanks to the Google Project Zero, Cyberus Technology, and…

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Training Resources May 02 2024

Actionable Purple Team Simulation Online Training (May 2-3)

Learn how to create specific detections to identify early Indicators of Compromise (IOCs) in our online course. Designed for those looking to improve their…

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Events Kennedy Space Center, Florida | April 10 2024

Hack Space Con 2024

Founder and CEO David Kennedy is the keynote speaker at this year's Hack Space Con! We are also proud to sponsor this event.

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Webinars March 06 2024

Ask Me Anything: Securing Defense Contracts Through CMMC Compliance

Join Chris Camejo, Practice Lead, Advisory's Compliance Services, and Rick Yocum, Managing Director of Advisory Services, for an ‘Ask Me Anything’ discussion…

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News March 01 2024

Forbes - How This Professional Hacker Built Two Cybersecurity Firms In His 30s

David Kennedy, the CEO and founder of TrustedSec, joins Rosemarie Miller on "New Money" to discuss his pivot from being in the U.S. marines to becoming a…

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News February 28 2024

WWL First News - A cyberattack has disrupted prescription drug orders around the country

Advisory Solutions Director Alex Hamerstone spoke with WWL New Orleans about the recent cyberattack that disrupted prescription drug orders around the country.

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Events TrustedSec HQ | February 27 2024

ISC2 February Member Meeting 2024

Join us at the TrustedSec HQ for the monthly ISC2 Cleveland Chapter member meeting!

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Blog February 27 2024

Weaponization of Token Theft – A Red Team Perspective

This blog is the start of several deep dives into the weaponization of token theft. The focus of this blog will be on conditional access around devices and…

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Podcasts February 23 2024

Security Noise - Episode 6.15

OSINT: Digital Detective or Cyber Stalking?

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