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Jason Ashton

Practice Lead, Training & Mentorship

Jason Ashton is a Practice Lead at TrustedSec. He routinely performs internal, external, and wireless penetration tests for a wide range of clients. As a Practice Lead, Jason developed and manages an internal training program focused on bringing new-to-security personnel into TrustedSec. Jason has also built custom devices for capturing and cloning access control credentials, as well as provisioning and field support for red team remote access and NAC bypass devices. He has worked in technology/IT for over 25 years, with a focus on InfoSec for the past decade. Jason’s extensive networking experience was developed over years of help desk support, sysadmin, and PC repair technician, to name a few. As a systems integration engineer, he was responsible for the design and successful implementation of diverse systems, often deployed to varying sizes of client networks.

Associate of Science, Electronic Engineering Technology, The University of Akron

Volunteered at numerous local and national security conferences to include:

  • DerbyCon, ShmooCon, CircleCityCon, and BSides
  • DerbyCon organizer 2017-2019
  • Created and contributed to open-source tools/projects
  • Black Hat 2016: Red Team vs. Blue
  • BSidesCLE 2017: So You Wanna Be a Pentester
  • Black Hat 2018: Defense and Offense: Understanding Attackers Through Red Team Tactics
  • Black Hat 2019: A Practical Approach to Defense and Offense

Jason’s passion for security originated with physical security systems, where his duties included engineering, deployment, and programming. While working at TrustedSec, Jason has provided additional perspective on these systems for their circumvention and ultimately better methods for secure installation. These interests carried over into Locksport, where he enjoys the challenge of lockpicking and physical lock bypass.

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