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Alex Hamerstone

Advisory Solutions Director

Alex Hamerstone, QSA, ISO 27001, CISSP, is the Advisory Solutions Director at TrustedSec, and has over a decade of InfoSec consulting experience. Known as a passionate advocate for the clients he works with as well as the security industry as a whole, Alex uses his consulting experience to partner with organizations of all sizes and all verticals, performing assessments, audits, and security program development. Alex’s experience covers a wide swath of industries, including retail, utilities, education, insurance, and healthcare, providing him with a unique view into the ways organizations effectively integrate security into business. Additional areas of expertise include process creation, documentation, regulatory compliance, cloud implementation, security awareness, standards adherence, and international information security regulations. He has presented to many Boards of Fortune 500 companies, showcasing his sought-after ability to articulate the importance of InfoSec to the business. Prior to TrustedSec, Alex was the Compliance Officer for a software company with enterprise customers in over 27 countries that was purchased by Oracle. As Compliance Officer, he was responsible for ensuring that the company complied with a multitude of data security laws and regulations all over the world, as well as ensuring that employees met corporate standards.


  • Bachelor of Arts, Business Administration, Baldwin Wallace University
  • Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Qualified Security Assessor (QSA)
  • ISO 27001 Provisional Auditor

Alex is a constant presence on the national media, with many appearances on Fox News, CNN, CBS News, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, Morning Dose, Cheddar, Huffington Post TV, and multiple local news channels. He is often quoted as an expert in national general interest articles as well as industry publications. A prolific writer, he has written articles for FedTech and Pipeline magazines and is an author of “Wireless Reconnaissance in Penetration Testing,” published in 2012 by Syngress. He is a frequent presenter worldwide at conferences both within and outside the InfoSec industry, with keynote addresses to groups such as ISSA and ISACA. He is especially adept at presenting to industry groups outside of IT and has presented at many conferences including those focused on accounting, manufacturing, healthcare, and non-profit.

Alex’s passion for InfoSec goes beyond the technical. He is deeply invested in working with clients to improve their overall security and develop industry-leading programs. He enjoys sharing his insights and experience gained while working with companies of all sizes and verticals.

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News September 14 2023

The Wall Street Journal - Pro Take: MGM Casino Hack Shows Challenge in Defending Connected Tech

“I’ve been around this industry for a very long time, and not much surprises me anymore, but I was pretty surprised to see this,” Advisory Solutions Director…

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News September 13 2023

Forbes - Inside The Ransomware Attack That Shut Down MGM Resorts

“We’ve seen that industries are affected differently reputationally by these types of things,” said Advisory Solutions Director Alex Hamerstone about the MGM…

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Webinars January 19 2023

2022 Major Conference Roundup: Identifying Trends for 2023

Join TrustedSec panelists David Kennedy, Founder & Chief Hacking Officer; Alex Hamerstone, Advisory Solutions Director; and Nick Doerner, Penetration Testing…

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News March 24 2023

TheStreet – Fraudsters’ New Trick Uses AI Voice Cloning to Scam People

Cyber criminals are using artificial intelligence to make clones of people’s voices to pretend to be friends or family members to scam victims. Advisory…

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News September 19 2023

Washington Post - What Las Vegas tourists need to know about casino hacks

Advisory Solutions Director Alex Hamerstone spoke with the Washington Post about the recent ransomware attacks on casinos ad what tourists should know.

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Webinars July 27 2022

Adding Value to a Traditional Penetration Test

Join leaders from TrustedSec’s Advisory, Remediation, and Incident Response teams as they discuss where many programs go wrong, the consequences, and how to…

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Webinars May 18 2022

Natural Security Benefits for InfoSec Leadership

Join renowned Information Security expert Rockie Brockway, Director of Advisory Innovation at TrustedSec, and Alex Hamerstone, Advisory Solutions Director, who…

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Blog March 23 2021

Yes, It’s Time for a Security Gap Assessment

For many organizations, rapidly implementing work-from-home initiatives over the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic required quickly rolling out new…

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Webinars March 03 2021

CMMC: Feedback From the Trenches

Join GRC Principal Security Consultant Rick Yocum, Practice Lead Alex Hamerstone, and Security Program Director Stephen Marchewitz as they discuss the tips and…

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Blog May 19 2020

Want Better Alerting? Consider Your Business Processes

Logging, monitoring, and alerting programs are some of the most critical elements of any security and compliance program, but traditional approaches for…

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