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Continuous Threat Hunting: A Practical Webinar

Join Pargman and Vaicaro in this joint webinar to gain practical strategies that can be used to increase the detection capabilities of a security operations center (SOC) or to augment an existing threat capability.

By Justin Vaicaro
August 19, 2020
Threat Hunting

This webinar was recorded on August 19, 2020 and was presented with Binary Defense.

Threat hunting is a vital but often misunderstood practice for organizations and security teams. In order to be successful, a threat hunting program must be proactive, continually tuned, and optimized to align with the organization’s goals. Further, realistic detections must be built around the direct threats that are specifically targeting the organization, its business vertical, and geographical presence. In this practical webinar, Randy Pargman, Senior Director of Threat Hunting & Counterintelligence at Binary Defense, and Justin Vaicaro, Senior Incident Response Consultant at TrustedSec, will share methods and strategies to cultivate a more effective threat hunting program.

Attendees will benefit from the distinct but complementary perspectives from each of the hosts. Pargman and Vaicaro will share their experiences in launching and managing threat hunting programs in close collaboration with organizations of all types and detail the process of conducting threat hunting client engagements with minimal client environment or infrastructure.  

This webinar is aimed at security professionals in the trenches who are directly monitoring systems for intrusions and want to know how they can detect more.

Topics to be covered during the webinar include: 

  • What threat hunting is
  • How to develop clear goals that lead to measurable success
  • Understanding data sources, what to log, and how to prioritize the information
  • Specific examples of how to address attacker techniques
  • Best practices when conducting offensive testing with threat hunting
  • How to keep a threat hunting program continuously tuned and evolving
  • Best places for knowledge sharing and how to give back

Join Pargman and Vaicaro in this joint webinar to gain practical strategies that can be used to increase the detection capabilities of a security operations center (SOC) or to augment an existing threat capability.