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WPUpdate is a simple Linux service that automatically checks for a new version of Wordpress each night at 2AM.


WPUpdate is a simple update script that will automatically update your wordpress installation when a new release is out. It does this by doing a compare on WordPresses update API on their website then doing a comparison under wp-includes/version.php. From there, it will determine if changes are needed and an update. After that it will automatically update wordpress, set the ownership to be restricted to only root:root for security reasons (except uploads). After that, it’ll check again at 2AM. WPUpdate also updates third party plugins automatically as well.

How to Get WPUpdate

Option 1
To download WPUpdate, type the following command in Linux:
git clone

Option 2
View on Git.

How to Get Help with WPUpdate
For bug reports or enhancements, please open an issue on this projects GitHub page.