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ConQR is an open source ticketing system for conferences to issue QRCode's in a quick, efficient, and easy manner.


ConQR is an open source QR Code ticketing system designed for Windows, Linux, or OSX. It’s written in Python with no third party modules needed. The tool is designed to simplify the process for performing ticket issuing. This is the same technique used at DerbyCon 2.0 in Louisville Kentucky which had 2,000 attendees without more than a one minute wait time. The concept is simple, issue QR Codes, track them in a database, and be able to look them up in a simplfied fashion. The way it works is by sending the ticket in a form of a QR Code with a randomizesd hash value to an internal website name. The setup requires a wireless access point (or wired) and DNS to point to the QR Code server. You can use any device you want, such as a iPhone, Android, tablet, etc. Download any software that you want from the AppStore or Android market that allows you to scan QR Codes.

How to Get ConQR

Option 1
To download ConQR, type the following command in Linux:
git clone

Option 2
View on Git.

How to Get Help with ConQR
For bug reports or enhancements, please open an issue on this projects GitHub page.