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Security Noise - Episode 6.23

InfoSec Leaders of the Future

By Geoff Walton and Skyler Tuter
June 28, 2024
Career Development

InfoSec Leaders of the Future

In this episode, Geoff and Skyler are joined by special guests Keith Koehne and Matt Miller from Paradigm Cyber Ventures to discuss their mission to integrate cybersecurity into high school industrial tech education. Through this program, teachers at high schools around the U.S. are trained to deliver an in-depth cybersecurity curriculum to their students which introduces them to the field, giving them practical training and readying them for industry exams. The program prepares and empowers students to join the cybersecurity workforce, attend college, or both. 

About this podcast:

Security Noise, a TrustedSec Podcast hosted by Geoff Walton and Producer/Contributor Skyler Tuter, features our cybersecurity experts in conversation about the security topics that interest them the most. Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!