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Security Noise - Episode 6.22

VPNs: Can You Keep a Secret?

By Geoff Walton, Skyler Tuter, Justin Bollinger and Philip DuBois
June 07, 2024

VPNs: Can You Keep a Secret?

On this episode of Security Noise, we talk to some veteran network guys to discuss CVE-2024–3661 and other thoughts about VPN security. Geoff and Skyler are joined by Security Consultant Philip DuBois and Principal Security Consultant Justin Bollinger to get their perspective on current issues.

About this podcast:

Security Noise, a TrustedSec Podcast hosted by Geoff Walton and Producer/Contributor Skyler Tuter, features our cybersecurity experts in conversation about the security topics that interest them the most. Listen and subscribe wherever you get your podcasts!