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Security Noise - Episode 6.21

JS-Tap Mk II: A Powerful Tool for Web Application Monitoring and Attack

By Skyler Tuter and Drew Kirkpatrick
May 24, 2024
Red Team Adversarial Attack Simulation

JS-Tap Mk II: A Powerful Tool for Web Application Monitoring and Attack

On this episode, Skyler talks to Principal Security Consultant Drew Kirkpatrick who recently gave a talk at CackalackyCon where he demonstrated new features of his tool, JS-Tap. The tool allows red teams to monitor and attack web applications by rewriting code in the user's browser. Drew introduced a new feature called Mimic, which automates the process of generating custom JavaScript payloads for performing actions as the user in the application. The payloads can be integrated with a Command and Control (C2) system to execute tasks in the user's browser. Drew provided a demo of the tool using a vulnerable WordPress site. JS-Tap is a powerful tool for monitoring and attacking web applications. It allows users to log in and track client activity, including cookies, local storage, and session storage. JS-Tap can intercept form submissions and network communications, making it useful for both monitoring and attacking. It can generate custom payloads and exfiltrate data from the target application. The tool is versatile and can be used for red teaming, penetration testing, and post-exploitation. JS-TAP is available on GitHub and is open source.

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