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Security Noise - Episode 6.17


By Geoff Walton, Skyler Tuter, David Boyd and Joe Sullivan
March 29, 2024


On this episode of Security Noise, we are revisiting the topic of open-source intelligence (OSINT) in the wake of the theories spurred by the Royal Family's social media photo that was quickly flagged as being altered. Along with guests, Senior Security Consultants Joe Sullivan and David Boyd, we delve into various theories surrounding the Princess of Wales' controversial Mother's Day photo and the media's subsequential reaction.

Methods for spotting fake images, such as reverse image searches and metadata analysis, are discussed, highlighting the importance of scrutinizing visual content in today's digital age. Additionally, tools like and insights into Twitter/X's handling of metadata add depth to the discussion.

Overall, the episode sheds light on the complexities of image authenticity in the era of digital manipulation and emphasizes the need for critical thinking when consuming visual media. 

Security Noise is hosted by Geoff Walton and Producer/Contributor Skyler Tuter.