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Security Noise - Episode 6.11

The Road Ahead: Red Teaming and Targeted Ops

By Geoff Walton, Skyler Tuter, Justin Elze and Jason Lang
November 10, 2023
Red Team Adversarial Attack Simulation

The Road Ahead: Red Teaming and Targeted Ops

In this episode, we wrap up our 4-part series, "The Road Ahead," with TrustedSec CTO Justin Elze and Targeted Operations Lead Jason Lang as they provide insight into how the targeted operations landscape has evolved for everyone, from client to consultant. We discuss what groups are doing red teaming and what the practice looks like today.

Our guests also discuss the impacts of SSO, third-party IDP solutions, and assumed breach strategies.

Get ready to be offensive on this episode of Security Noise!

Security Noise is hosted by Geoff Walton and Producer/Contributor Skyler Tuter.

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