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Red Team

Adversarial attack simulation

Put your security posture to the ultimate test.

What’s the best way to defend against a hacker? Beat them at their own game. 

TrustedSec utilizes the latest cyber threat intelligence and technology to execute real-world adversary simulations and attacks. After 5,000 security engagements, our research-backed approach means you can effectively assess your current security posture and identify vulnerabilities in a safe, controlled environment. 

Whether you opt for a traditional red team or an assumed breach model, by performing a series of customized adversarial attack simulations our red team can:

  • Gauge your current security posture 
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of your security defenses and controls 
  • Gain big-picture insight into system exploits across your organization 
  • Identify opportunities to improve your team’s organizational readiness 

Want real-world solutions for real-world threats?

From planning to testing to remediation, we take a hands-on approach to your security. Fill out the form below to start your assessment.

Put your defenses to the test.

Attackers don’t stop at the basics. Neither should your security. Our exhaustive approach to penetration testing— phishing, open source reconnaissance, social engineering, physical security attacks—means TrustedSec goes beyond traditional methods to help you think like an attacker so you can defend like a pro.