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@HackingDave Limited Edition Challenge Coin

         _   _            _    _            ______                
   ____ | | | |          | |  (_)           |  _  \               
  / __ \| |_| | __ _  ___| | ___ _ __   __ _| | | |__ ___   _____ 
 / / _` |  _  |/ _` |/ __| |/ / | '_ \ / _` | | | / _` \ \ / / _ \
| | (_| | | | | (_| | (__|   <| | | | | (_| | |/ / (_| |\ V /  __/
 \ \__,_\_| |_/\__,_|\___|_|\_\_|_| |_|\__, |___/ \__,_| \_/ \___|
  \____/                                __/ |                     
Limited Edition Challenge Coin Breakdown

A Message from Dave Kennedy @HackingDave:

Hey there! I assume you've received one of my limited and rare edition numbered challenge coins and decoded the binary code around the coin itself. Challenge coins originated during World War I as a symbol of camaraderie, unity, and a way to commemorate the time spent in service together. For me, challenge coins hold the same significance. When I give someone a challenge coin, it signifies respect, camaraderie, and unity. I'm deeply humbled and grateful for the success I've achieved in cybersecurity and my other ventures, and this wouldn't have been possible without the incredible individuals in the community and my life.

This coin represents countless minutes, hours, days, and years of hard work and dedication. It's also a token of appreciation for those who have supported me over the years, as well as for the new people I meet every day, whom I hope to inspire to make the world a better place. If you possess one of my coins, it's not because I distribute them freely; it's because I hold respect and appreciation for you.

The Coin Breakdown:

This coin features several key elements. On the front, you'll find my hacker handle, @HackingDave. Interestingly, my original hacker handle was ReL1K (pronounced "relic"), and it has an interesting story behind it. During my fourth deployment in the Marines for the intelligence community, the Colonel in charge was interviewed about our deployment to Iraq. He pointed at me and said, "These young men are already more experienced than any other group I've ever led. Look at Dave Kennedy here; he's the relic of our group with the most deployments." That name stuck with me, and I became ReL1K (with a touch of hacker coolness, of course).

The smiley face on the front represents my playful personality and is also tattooed on my forearm along with my "Hack Health" slogan. The binary code on the front deciphers to "Make The World A Better Place," which encapsulates my mission of assisting and uplifting others while striving to create a safer and improved world through my businesses.

On the back, the binary code is the reason you're here, along with the URL/link to this file. The four logos represent core companies and activities I'm involved in. The top left logo belongs to TrustedSec, one of the world's largest and finest cybersecurity consulting firms ( The top right logo is for Binary Defense, one of the leading managed detection and response (MDR) companies, dedicated to helping organizations worldwide defend, detect, and secure themselves (

Hacking Your Health, located in the bottom left, is a project initiated with my good friend and trainer, Ben Canning. It's a movement focused on teaching the world how to lead healthier lives and achieve success in doing so ( You can also find a compelling read about it here: Our mission is to teach others the way to change your lifestyle to be healthier and happier. We have helped so many people, and we continue to spread the word and teach others on the best way to live life the way it was intended. 

Lastly, IAM, located in the bottom right, is a telemedicine company I co-own. IAM specializes in cost-effective hormone balancing and bloodwork to promote healthier and happier lifestyles. This company played a crucial role in my success, and I invested in it to assist others. We collaborate with cutting-edge doctors who focus on the science of living a healthy and long life while optimizing one's best self ( With IAM, we can age and still live an amazingly healthy life where we feel good and are there for our families and friends. 

Challenge Coin Acceptance:

Accepting this coin comes with a responsibility and certain expectations. By accepting this coin, you've made a commitment to use your power to help others and contribute to making the world a better place. It means being humble, honest, and a positive force in life and to help others in need. It involves removing negativity and negative influences from your life and focusing on propelling yourself forward in a positive manner while uplifting those around you positively.

Present this Coin:

If you present this coin to Dave Kennedy at a bar location - he is inclined to buy you a drink of your choosing (as long as it's reasonable priced) :).