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November 16, 2015

Vote ISC2 2015 Elections - VOTE TODAY!

Written by David Kennedy
This year I decided to run for the ICS2 board of directors because I think I can make changes that are positive for folks that have supported ISC2 in the past. Today opens up the voting, if you have three minutes of your time - I would greatly appreciate a vote! I know your time is valuable - this takes less than five minutes. How to vote: 1. Log into This will take you to Next: click to vote: Click cast your vote: Then go to ballot: Vote for David Kennedy and also if you can - Wim Remes (awesome!!) and Richard Mogull. I appreciate your time. Below is some ideas I have for what I'll be able to do. Here's what I plan on doing if elected. 1. Understand from ISC2 members what the major pain points are and how to address them. I think the ISC2 group as a whole has a wide reach when it comes to being able to impact the INFOSEC industry. My goal is to use the ISC2 as an avenue to make a positive influence on the community. 2. Take certs to a new level. The CISSP was known as the "gold standard" but has fallen off over the years. While the CISSP may be something that will be difficult to go back and retrofit - coming up with certs that use applied knowledge in the industry and make it so practitioners can obtain quality certificates will be important. Listening to what certs are lacking, keeping up with industry trends, and focusing on offering a certification process that tests the users knowledge for me is the only way to make a cert worthwhile. Certification processes to me have always been something that was just a matter of cramming in knowledge and dumping onto a test. That was a much different experience when I went through and did some of the other training such as the Offensive Security courses which actually test your knowledge and what you know. The CISSP for me was traditionally just a "cert I had to have because everyone looks at that". I want to change that and make ISC2 something that is desired, a standard, and awesome. With anything new, I will need to learn and get better. I wouldn't be running if I wasn't fully dedicated into giving ISC2 the time and effort and doing what I always try to do: help the community get better.