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October 20, 2015

TS Additions to the Family

Written by David Kennedy
Company Update
When you start a company - the biggest thing is ensuring that you can support a growth model to bring in awesome talent and keep the consistency and quality. When I started TrustedSec several years ago, my mindset was to only grow when we had the right people to grow with. Never to grow because of the demand of work. Today we add two new members to the TrustedSec family. Folks that I've known for years and super excited about having them join the team. The first is Ben Mauch (@Ben0xa). Ben and I have known each other for years and his community drive and continued support for both offense and defense brings an awesome talent to the team. Ben is an awesome individual, and someone we are lucky to bring aboard on the team. The second is Jason Ashton (@jayw0k) and I first met at DerbyCon a number of years ago and has always helped the con with audio needs. He's been a security consultant for a few years now at a large consulting organization and now working at TrustedSec. Super excited for Jason to be starting and someone I've known and trusted for years already. At TrustedSec - our goal is pretty simple. Have fun with what we do, have a great atmosphere, and most importantly - do some awesome work for our customers. With the additions of Ben and Jason, we can absolutely do that. Welcome aboard! Let the meme wars begin. This blog was written by David Kennedy - Founder, TrustedSec