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November 19, 2013

TrustedSec Congressional Hearing Report

Written by David Kennedy
TrustedSec's CEO David Kennedy released a written and oral statement for the Congressional meeting with the House Committee on Science, Space and Technology at Capitol Hill today (November 19). The meeting was to discuss the security concerns with the infrastructure. The purpose was not to point out flaws to negatively show the website in any political view. TrustedSec remains neutral and agnostic to anything political related in regards to the Affordable Health Care Act. The purpose was to show that there are serious security concerns with the website. Our concern always remains the protection and security of the United States and it's allies. TrustedSec follows a high ethical standard and responsible disclosure for when exposures are identified. All of the issues contained within this report have been reported including critical findings that TrustedSec cannot post as they are still active on the website infrastructure today. The report details TrustedSec's review of the website as well as concerns long-term with the security around the website and it's supporting infrastructure. To download the full report for the hearings, visit: Download link for CONGRESS Hearing We always appreciate feedback, feel free to contact us at anytime info [-at-] trustedsec [-dot-] com.