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August 17, 2012

TrustedSec announced Attack Platform Appliance for Remote Penetration Testing

Written by David Kennedy
Penetration Testing Security Testing & Analysis
TrustedSec is proud to announce the release of the Attack Platform Appliance. The platform is a device that can be shipped onsite to a customer location and have remote penetration testing and application security assessments performed remotely. Many customers struggle with the budget for travel, hotel, and food. With the TrustedSec Attack Platform, customers can have the same quality of penetration tests onsite without the travel costs of multiple engineers.
TrustedSec built the Attack Platform utilizing a combination of proprietary technologies as well as from multiple TrustedSec open-source projects including technology from the Social-Engineer Toolkit and Egress Buster. The appliance, once plugged into the customer environment, will attempt to find an open port back to TrustedSec utilizing a secure transport and encrypted tunnel. If no specific ports are identified, TrustedSec will attempt protocol specific communications including FTP-RFC-STRICT, HTTP, HTTPS, and multiple other protocols in order to gain access remotely. If these are insufficient, the appliance can be pre-configured for the customer prior to arriving on site. Once access is established, TrustedSec has the ability to perform full-scope penetration tests at the ease of having just the appliance at the customer site. TrustedSec engineers will work remotely through the attack appliance to perform the security assessments. For more information on TrustedSec's Attack Platform Appliance and our Penetration Testing Services, please visit: