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May 20, 2014

The Social-Engineer Toolkit (SET) v6.0 "Rebellion" Released

Written by David Kennedy
Security Testing & Analysis Social Engineering
After a few months of work, the latest release of SET v6.0 codename "Rebellion" is available This version expands on many of the attack vectors and improves on many of the existing attacks as well as introduces a new attack created by D4rk0 (@d4rk0s) which incorporates a full screen attack vector. Overall, the java applet attack has been redesigned, better reliability in java applet attack, webjacking improvements, psexec powershell injection additions, new Metasploit exploits in the browser exploit methods, updated RIDENUM, updated templates, and much much more. Special thanks to D4rk0s for the additions to the Full-Screen Attack Vector, very awesome work! For a detailed webinar (sorry for the beeps, mute fail), visit the webinar we did recently: For a full list of changes, see below: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ version 6.0 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * fixed psexec which would only bring one shell back instead of as many as you used for the host * fixed an issue that would cause metasploit payloads to not be properly generated when using msfvenom, this was due to a code change requiring -f * on the update SET menu, it will automatically check if Kali Linux is installed, if it is will automatically enable bleeding edge repos for daily updates to SET * added SET to automatically do apt-get update/upgrade/dist-upgrade/autoremove upon checking for updates if using Kali * fixed an issue that would cause the MSSQL bruter to throw a payload_options error when powershell was detected, this was due to a file not being written out for payloads.powershell.prep to function properly * updated dell drac attack to remove old working and twitter handle * upgraded downgrade attack for powershell to server 2008/2012 compatiblity * fixed a sql port bug error that would cause the mssql bruter to fail when importing a list without a port * fixed an issue in sql bruter when legacy debug method was used if no powershell, would error out when selecting a standard Metasploit payload * fixed an issue that was causing a menu mismatch using the web attack vector, when selecting anything above 5 would cause a menu mismtach * fixed dr4k0s menu system so when you 99 out, it goes back to the SET menus by returning at that point versus exit(0) * removed NAT and cloner from dr4k0s fsattack - it was automatically added based on attack vector, wasn't needed * added additional fixes for msfvenom and generating https/http shells * fixed an issue that would cause webjacking method to not successfully redirect to index2.html when use APACHE_SERVER=ON * made apache_server=on to the default - still configurable in config/set_config * fixed a bug that would cause mssql deploy stager on legacy debug64 to throw an error on not finding 1msf.exe - this has since been resolved * removed old references to a module that is no longer in SET * updated the SET user manual to the latest version 6.0 and incorporated the FSAttack from d4rk0s * added ablity for OSX persistence when you have access to the filesystem * permenantly removed the command center, will redesign later - no longer needed * removed command center wording from SET user manual * removed command center options in the set_config * removed unused options inside set_config related to mlitm * added automatic check to see if bleeding edge repos were enabled or not when using Kali - if kali is in use will prompt to automatically enable bleeding edge repos * updated seupdate to reflect bleeding edge repos as well * removed self_signed_applet from the config menu - it will not prompt inside of the Java Applet Attack method * added ability to use same codebase for the new selection process for SET. * redesigned the java applet selection process and allow you to verify new code signign certificates or import your own applet into the java applet attack method * added better error handlign when using setoolkit * updated the version of RIDENUM to the latest version inside of SET * updated the report template to remove secmaniac and update with trustedsec * removed old references to secmaniac in various code segments * added the MS14-012 Microsoft Internet Explorer CMarkup Use-After-Free from Metasploit * added the MS14-012 Microsoft Internet Explorer TextRange Use-After-Free exploit from Metasploit * added the MS14-017 Microsoft Word RTF Object Confusion fileformat exploit * added a new initial image loader (doctor who theme) - pssssh * removed the metasploit update feature - this should be handled through kali and theres packages, distributions, etc. its hard to predict which will be used for Metasploit * removed old mentions in update_config that were no longer needed * removed the sms attack vector - it hasn't been maintained or updated in a long time and no longer supported * added option 99 in qrcode generation to go back a previous menu, it was missing * added set ExitOnSession for autorun attack inside of SET * changed some of the formating and variable names in the fsattack