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April 13, 2015

New Additions to the TrustedSec Family!

Written by David Kennedy
Company Update
TrustedSec has thrilled to announce the addition of two new team members! Justin Elze (@justinelze) and Martin Bos (@cantcomputer) have joined the family. When I started TrustedSec a number of years ago, it was always with the belief to surround myself with individuals with the same passion, drive, and integrity as myself. I've stuck true to that belief and today we have such a remarkable team. The team we've built here is built on the betterment of the information security community and the "always doing the right thing" mentality. Our success is built on that of our team and our customers. With the addition of Justin and Martin we continue on that tradition on adding highly talented individuals who have dedicated their careers to the same goals as ours here at TrustedSec. Justin Elze and I have known each other for years and someone that I have always deeply respected and admired on his passion. Justin comes to the team with a vast amount of experience and knowledge where he has already made an amazing name for himself. Little side story - Justin decided to swing by the office before he started and we decided to have a dress up Halloween day without telling him about it. Of course, we had one clown (shiver), batman, ghostbusters, and more.
Not to derail this conversation, but I have had a fear of clowns for awhile now. Of course someone in the office dressed as not just a clown, but a scary clown.
OK - back on track! Couldn't be happier to have Justin aboard. He's an amazing pentester, infosec good guy, and a massive corvette fanatic. This is Justin serious. Meet serious Justin. Serious Justin is serious here.
I've known Martin for a number of years, we started DerbyCon a number of years ago with Adrian Crenshaw with the intent on bringing a family con to the security industry. Flash forward and the original founders of DerbyCon are now working at TrustedSec - how awesome is that. Martin brings a vast amount of experience, knowledge, and passion that I know will continue to strengthen our already amazing team. Here's the a picture of Martin with pink hair, just because:
Here's a really nice picture of Martin:
Really excited having Serious Justin and Pink Haired Martin added to the TrustedSec family and look forward to what the future holds! This blog post was written by David Kennedy - CEO of TrustedSec