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July 11, 2016

Happy Birthday TrustedSec!

Written by David Kennedy
Today marks the 4-year anniversary of when TrustedSec opened its doors. I work with the best people and friends and that is not an exaggeration. Not many people know the story of how TrustedSec was started. I was sitting in my office at a Fortune 1000 as a CSO running an amazing team and had everything going for me. I knew it wasn't what I was destined for and I wanted to build my own thing, something where I worked with my friends and created our own culture. I ended up leaving a perfectly stable job that I had zero issues with and of course my timing couldn't be worse. My wife Erin just had twins and we had a 2-year-old. Regardless, she always supported me and the decision to leave with full support. I remember sitting in my basement the first day (my office at the time) thinking about what I just did and how was I going to feed my family and accomplish what I needed to do in life. Flash forward four years. I get to work my friends and both TrustedSec and Binary Defense Systems, come into work excited, and have fun with people that all have the same common goal: to make the industry better and always do what’s right. I owe Erin all the credit for supporting me when anyone else would’ve said I was crazy for trusting my gut and not my rational judgment. Also, thank you to Scott Angelo for convincing me to leave and do my own thing; Chris Nickerson for telling me to step off and do my own thing and rock it (with a little nudge after owning me during a pentest - xoxo); to the countless others that supported me during difficult times and those willing to come aboard to a startup and taking a huge risk just based on believing in me and our mission here; to all the amazing people that I've developed relationships with and become much more than "just a customer" but more a long lasting friendship that I value dearly; lastly, to all my friends inside and outside of TrustedSec that continue to support us and help us. Thanks to everyone who makes TrustedSec what it is. Everyone here plays an important role on culture and our success. We have such an amazing cast that continues to drive us forward and be an amazing company. To the next 4 years and Happy Birthday TrustedSec! This article was written by David Kennedy - Founder of TrustedSec