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April 01, 2016

The Hacker Vaccine - 100% Protection Against Hackers

Written by David Kennedy
TrustedSec has been working feverishly to understand what true cyber pathogens face corporations around the world. After years of analyzing major sophisticated hackers and their techniques, we have finally developed artificial intelligence aimed at combating the threats of every type of actor in this world. Today we release a new tool that combats the cyber threats of today, a tool that guarantees 100% protection against hackers, and something that will change the face of technology as we know it.
Hackers run in fear when they are confronted with the Hacker Vaccine. Learn about our Enforcer module - the only proactive method to shutting down hackers permanently and forever. Check out the video of our newly released commercial. We plan on having banners in every major airport, hospital, TV station, floor mat, billboard, car door, every conference even if they aren't security related, and Super Bowl commercials. The time has finally arrived: stop the hackers with 100% protection. The Hacker Vaccine - the vaccine for the cyber pathogens we face today.