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April 04, 2017

A Foundation Built on People - The TrustedSec Family Grows

Written by David Kennedy
Company Update
When I started TrustedSec over five years ago, I had a dream to start a company that makes the security industry better. A company that brings in top talent and amazing people that I call friends. A place where we always work with the mindset of "always doing the right thing" for our people and our customers.
Flash forward five years and the team we have built here, at Binary Defense, and our customers are the best set of people that I have ever gotten to work with in my career. TrustedSec and Binary Defense are a growing company and one that wants to continue to move forward the right way. Our motto is to treat our people the best and have a culture that focuses on the betterment of the people in our company and the industry as a whole. I could have never imagined where we are today from where we were five years ago. Other companies in this industry share a lot of the same beliefs as us at TrustedSec - companies like Black Hills INFOSEC (John Strand), Milton Security (Jim McMurry), SecureIdeas (Kevin Johnson), Lares (Chris Nickerson and Eric Smith), and countless others that took a risk by starting their own companies in order to focus on bettering the industry. Today I'm happy to announce a day that I'll always remember and a day that TrustedSec got even better. We are adding seven amazing people to the TrustedSec family. Rockie Brockway - Office of the CSO Chris Boesch - VP of Sales Delivery Esra Yagan - Sales Delivery Justin Bollinger - Senior Security Consultant Costa Petros - Security Consultant Ryan Leese - Security Consultant Kim DeSimone - Employee Specialist I've worked with all of these individuals and some for several years and super excited about the addition of these to our team and family. Rockie, Esra and I go back years from the days of Totem when I first got out of the military as a young eager hacker. Chris Prewitt has been instrumental in teaching me new things around people and building his own security program and most importantly being a close friend over the years. Chris Boesch one of the nicest people I've ever met and focused truly on what's right for customers (he helped us grow at TrustedSec). Justin for his research and dedication to the security industry (and one epic beard). Costa/Ryan for our Rockie cookout parties. Kim who we've known for years as friends and is one of the backbones to DerbyCon and it's success. It's amazing when you get to add friends and family to the team. As we continue to grow, we grow the right way and putting pieces together that strengthen our company and the industry. Really excited about these changes, and to where we are headed next. Now... For the random picture of the handsome Rockie Brockway ladies and gentleman!