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May 14, 2010

Fixing xorg.conf with CUDA machine on upgrade to Ubuntu 10.04

Written by David Kennedy
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In prior posts you saw the configuration with 4 GTX 295's and the "nvidia-xconfig --enable-all-gpus" flag. Well, when updating to 10.04, the xorg configuration got massively hosed to the point of not being able to boot into any runtime, including recovery mode. There's two quick ways to fix this, one, before upgrading to 10.04, copy your xorg.conf in /etc/X11/ to a xorg.conf.bak.blah file. When the update is complete and before you reboot, move the xorg.conf.bak.blah back to the xorg.conf, this will solve the issue when you reboot but theres still some work to go (skip the next paragraph). If you were in the same boat I was in, and didn't know it would completely hose your xorg, you can boot into grub (escape) and in your boot menu, hit the "e" button to edit, then where you see the "ro quiet splash" remove that, and add "rw init=/bin/bash", this will drop you into a minimal root shell. You'll need to get the latest nvidia drivers from the Nvidia website, I'm currently running 195.36.24. Once you have that head over and download a patch, note that below .run file is for 64 bit, the patch can be run on either x86 or x64: Now that you have that run this on a shell: ./ --apply-patch /path/to/patch.diff.txt This will produce a, now when you run this it should install properly now. Then just do nvidia-xconfig --enable-all-gpus and you should be all set.