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June 18, 2013

EMET 4.0 Released! New GUI and Features.

Written by David Kennedy
Penetration Testing Security Testing & Analysis
TrustedSec recently posted a blog on the EMET 4.0 beta release which was an exciting step for Microsoft. Now as of today, EMET 4.0 has been released. From the May release of EMET, the 4.0 release has a power punch of features including a redesigned GUI to make it more streamlined for deploying EMET. For the past post from TrustedSec on the Enhanced Mitigation Experience Toolkit, check out this blog: EMET 4.0 Beta Tutorial and Overview. The final release incorporates some truly great features. The first is a redesigned graphical user interface (GUI) which makes it easier to configure and deploy EMET on a system/server.
Next on the list is the configuration wizard which makes it easier to deploy. I would still recommend customizing the features of EMET and not solely relying on the wizard. Also using the import functionality and building your own XML list based on corporate software that you have installed is highly recommended.
One of our more favorite new additions is the updated group policy profiles. Additional group policy profiles will give you the ability to configure system and application mitigation and also use it as advanced mitigation configuration and exploit action all through group policy. Overall, the new features and release of EMET 4.0 is a huge step forward on server/system protection. TrustedSec highly recommends that for all Windows based systems.