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October 15, 2013

DerbyCon 3.0 CTF Summary

Written by David Kennedy
Organizational Training
We’re happy to announce the completion of another successful DerbyCon CTF. Congratulations to the prizewinners and all others who participated. Hopefully you had as much fun playing as we did creating the challenges.

If you participated the past couple of years as well, you should have noticed some welcome improvements to the scoreboard that were suggested by previous competitors. In 2011, the scoreboard was a simple, columned list of teams.


In 2012, we added some useful statistics to the scoreboard, but the whole format for displaying the teams wasn’t quite suitable any longer, due to the explosion of new teams.


For 2013, we decided that a serious overhaul was due. The first change is the inclusion of some more important statistics at the top of the scoreboard, including the number of possible flags found and the number of possible points that have been claimed. We also added a “Last score” to track the time of the last team score.


The next change is the paginated list of teams. Hovering over the score of a team, displays the number of possible flags and points attained.


Hovering over the team name displays any special information that the team wants to advertise about themselves.


On either side of the team list are live twitter feeds for following any CTF updates or trash talking between teams.


And finally, by scrolling down to the bottom of the page, the full scoreboard is displayed, including the “Wall of Shame” for teams that had difficulty following the rules of engagement.


In summary:
  • 148 teams registered (171 in 2012, 77 in 2011)
  • ~83 teams scored at least once (positive pts.)
  • 47 of 54 total flags found by a team
  • 605 of 1,160 points total found by someone
  • 748 total valid flags submitted by all teams (without penalties)
  • Flags were 5-100 points in value, -1 for non-alphanumeric flags
  • 119 negative flags submitted by teams


And for all the participants who have been waiting “patiently” for the revealing of flag solutions... Flag Solutions (xlsx) Some other useful statistics: Found Flags by Flag ID (xlsx)Found Flags by User Name (xlsx)Found Flags Count by Number of Flags (xlsx)Found Flags Count by User Name (xlsx) See you next year! This post was created by Larry Spohn - senior security consultant at TrustedSec.