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September 26, 2014

Changing an industry - Binary Defense is born

Written by David Kennedy
Penetration Testing Security Testing & Analysis
This blog was written by CEO of TrustedSec and Co-Founder and CTO at Binary Defense: Ever since my days in the Marine Corps or as a kid, I have focused on trying to change things for the better. You walk, you stumble and fall but you continue forward with the same belief that you can always make a change in something. I started TrustedSec a number of years ago to make a difference in the INFOSEC community as security is my passion, my hobby, and what I truly enjoy doing. We have established ourselves as being a company to go to when you need help with security, or you need to understand what exposures you have. I feel like our mission is still moving forward and there's still a lot of change to do. I've brought in my friends all around the INFOSEC community to build a team of passion, a team of respect, and a team of skill.
Today, I'm announcing another evolution in changing the industry for the better, I'm introducing years of work and a new perspective and outlook into making this industry successful. I'm introducing Binary Defense Systems (BDS), a new sister company of TrustedSec and one that I believe passionately can make a difference in detecting attackers. I started this project a number of years ago with the vision of profiling how I think as an attacker, how we think as hackers and using that knowledge and capabilities to better strengthen companies and INFOSEC as a whole. Binary Defense is a new way of looking at things, a full fledge MSSP service with 24/7 detection capabilities, threat intelligence, incident response and more. It's different from the perspective that it was built by hackers and secured by hackers. We've been hard at working building our techniques both from a pentest perspective but also what we see in the wild and to build that into a way of notifying companies early on of an attack. Our motto of Defend. Protect. Secure. holds true to what we believe and what we focus on. We need a change in the industry and we're going to move that forward. For more information, visit our new website at Binary Defense Website