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May 15, 2011

Back|Track 5 on Motorola XOOM in 10 minutes or less

Written by David Kennedy
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Here's a quick down and dirty on how to get Back|Track 5 working on the Motorola XOOM. There are a few tutorials out there already but none which seemed the easiest (at least for me). 1. You will need to root your Motorola XOOM, download the android-sdk and use adb to root your XOOM. The steps can be found here. 2. Download Back|Track 5 ARM edition from here: 3. Unzip and copy the the BT5 zip file and copy it over to your XOOM's SDCARD directory, make it easy and name the folder BT5. If your using a mac, download the Android file-transfer here. 4. Download ASTRO File manager from the Android Market on your XOOM 5. Browse to your BT5 directory on the SDCARD and click on the boot.img.gz. Extract the content in the same directory. Note we couldn't just ungzip and copy over since its FAT32 and when its extracted it's a total of 5gb. Note it will take a few minutes to extract, the end filesize will be exactly 5.0gb. Just be patient, and go up a directory and go back in to see when its completed, the extracting message may go away but it will still extract. 6. Once you have that, go into your terminal emulator, for example busybox terminal, and type in cd /sdcard/BT5, then cp busybox ../, then sh Once that is completed type sh bootbt 7. You should now be at a BT command prompt. Type the following in the terminal: export USER=root 8. You can do vncpasswd to change the VNC password or leave it default (toortoor). 9. Type startvnc 10. Download a VNC viewer from the Android Market on your XOOM 11. Connect to localhost via port 5901 on the new password you just created. There you go. You're all set.