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February 06, 2012

Artillery 0.3 Alpha Released!

Written by David Kennedy
Penetration Testing Security Testing & Analysis
Artillery 0.3 Alpha has been released. Full changelog can be found below. This was a combination of user submitted enhancements, fixes, and others as well as new feature additions. I've added the ability to use any SMTP address versus just being able to do GMAIL. In addition, the banning messages are a bit more descriptive on why a specific IP address was banned. Changelog below: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ version 0.3 alpha ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ * added a check for ssh brute force on or off.. this was never implmeneted (thanks Jeff Bryner) * fixed a bug that referenced iptables chain INPU instead of ARTILLERY (thanks Jeff Bryner) * added the artillery chain to INPUT each time artillery starts (thanks Jeff Bryner) * cleaned up some old code in that was no longer needed * added better descriptions around why a specific IP address would be blocked * added timestamp data to when IP addresses are blocked in both email notifications as well as standard log under /var/artillery/log/ * added support for SMTP versus just gmail... its gmail out of the box however can configure any SMTP server now * added a check in artillery for ssh brute on or off